Partsahand Rail Trade Co.

In accordance with government policies to encourage private companies to takeover stateowned companies jobs , PartSahand company was founded in 2008 to provide high quality spare parts and equipment both for urban and mainline railway companies , relying on its expertise and professional employees.

Affliated companies
Diesel Locotmotives

Partsahand is one of the major shareholders of Alborzniroo Company, the first and one of the biggest Iranian companies who owns and operates locomotives on national railway network. The following companies are also affiliated with Partsahand:

Kara Sanat Fartak company
Sadid Gostar Kala company
Kavan Diesel Enginses company

Spare parts

Relying on accumulated experience of its managers and experts and in dept know-how in railways fleet industry, Partsahand has managed to make good logical relations between international companies and our clients in Iran to establish on time and affordable supplies of goods in high quality.
Thanks to its ties with reputable international manufacturers and suppliers, Partsahand can supply an extended range of components and spare parts including but not limited to complete engines, turbochargers, wheelsets, electrical parts, gears and complete control systems for GM-EMD, GE and ALSTOM locomotives.
We can supply Rails and Rail welding termite and its related equipment. 

Freight and Passenger cars

Partsahand is ready to supply state owned and private companies with freight cars, passenger coaches, rail buses, metro cars as well as components like bogies, wheel sets and brake systems. 

Electrical  services and parts prodcution

Partsahand has been supplying its customers with electrical services inclduing special measurments for fault detection, design and prodcution of customized components and electronic circuits for special purposes, applying machine learning techniquies to identify fault detection.
Our team of experts have been working on recent developments in this area and we are proud that we are supplying high-end technology to our customers.


“Kryukov Railway Car Building Works”

Partsahand Rail Trade Co. is the exclusive reprensentative of KRCBW:

The enterprise commences its genealogy from Kryukov railway car repair workshops built in 1869. In 1930 the workshops had become a railway car building works, there had been started the production of new rolling stock – freight cars. Today KRCBW is big transnational company, unique enterprise of mixed type, where on one production area there are created and manufactured both freight cars and social purpose transport – passenger cars of locomotive traction, interregional and commuter EMUs, DMUs, underground cars, escalators, running gears for freight and passenger cars.